10:00 a.m.

Keynote Speaker: County Supervisor Ovitt
Is the recession really over? What is the state of the local economy and what are our prospects for the future? Is the reason to hope?


Panel 1: The State of Jobs in the Inland Empire
Local experts cite job trends in the Inland Empire. What have the numbers been saying? Which industries are seeing the most job growth, and where are we headed? A frank discussion and public Q&A by the region's top authorities in job growth and business


Panel 2: The Future of Education in Inland Southern California
The world is undergoing massive change, and so is our educational system. How are we preparing students to meet the future? Regional experts debate the educational opportunities and challenges facing Inland Southern California.

Panel 3: Uncertainty in the marketplace: Is this the time to start a new career or a new business?
Area business experts talk about the economic climate and address the pros and cons of launching a business in these uncertain times. Many say this is the ideal time to get started. Find out why.


Panel 4: Tips to entering the business world.
Area organizations lay out the ground work to launching a new business, and the many services available out there to help.

Panel 5: Stories of Success: Case studies of entrepreneurs in the marketplace
Case study presentations on successful business startups, including franchisees, work-from-home specialists, small business owners and more.



Keynote Speaker: Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship, CSUSB
What is Entrepreneurialism? A comprehensive look at the role of private enterprise in today's economy and trends for the future.


Panel 1: Uncertainty in the marketplace: Is this the time to start a new career or a new business?
Area business experts talk about the economic climate and address the pros and cons of launching a business in these uncertain times. Most are saying this is the ideal time to get started. Find out why.


Panel 2: Do-it-yourself: entrepreneurial opportunities in the marketplace.
Area business experts cite some exciting opportunities in the business world, and the many resources available to help get you started.


Panel 3: Show me the money: Funding opportunities for business startups in these hard economic times.
Find out more about business loans and other funding sources available to those wanting to launch or expand their own business.


Panel 4: Entrepreneurial Spotlight: Up close and personal
Inland Southern California's top entrepreneurs speak out on the opportunities afforded to those with the courage to break out on their own. This high-profile panel will present case histories, address challenges and solutions, and provide a unique Q&A with some of the region's top business leaders.



Education Insider: Turning Your Life Experience into College Credits and New Opportunities
Are you curious to see what opportunities will open up once you earn your degree? If you had to put off completing college in the past, the University of Redlands, School of Business can help. Wouldn't it be great to earn college credits for having gone through military training, running a business, or even for a major project you successfully pulled off at work? Learn about available grants, scholarships and financial aid. Experts from the University of Redlands will show you how to take advantage of today's bachelor's degree completion programs.

Careers in Education: Yes, the Future is Bright
The next few years will bring large-scale teacher and administration retirements in our region's schools. If you have ever considered a career in education, this workshop will help you understand what schools need, the types of positions that will open up and the educational training required to meet the new demands. Experts from the University of Redlands will share insights from the field of educational employment.

Life-long Learning: The Ultimate Strategy for Recession-Proofing your Career or Business
Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to know what's coming next for their business or career? Here's a clue: they're probably lifelong learners. Lifelong learners are those individuals who make a priority to identify new opportunities and improve their knowledge, skills and competence. In this workshop, professionals from the University of Redlands will share the options and strategies you need to know to stay ahead of the game

So Cal Opportunities: How to Buy a Laundromat
Speaker: Brad Steinberg, PWS
PWS is the largest vended launder equipment distributor in the U.S., and the leading broker in the laundry industry with such names as LaunderLand, SpinCycle, Super Wash Dry, Sudz and Fiesta Lavanderia.

Their seminar will address:
• An overview of the vended Laundromat industry
• A comparison of business opportunities
• An overview of Southern California locations and leases
• Q&A opportunities on getting started

Risk prevention: How to protect your business once you get started
Speaker: Greg Rom
What's the best insurance coverage to secure for your business? Much of that depends on what you do.

This seminar will address:
• Nuts and bolts of the basic Business Owners Policy
• Specialized coverage
• Risk Prevention: What to do before the claim or lawsuit occurs
• How sales and payroll estimates affect your premium

Getting into business on your own
Business support organizations will provide tips to getting started in a profession,navigating the paperwork and applying for financing to help in the early phases of your business.

Presentations will address:
• Tips to writing a business plan
• Testing the waters before you commit
• How to apply for a loan or financial assistance
• Ongoing workshops and services available to help

Marketing your business for growth in a rough economy
Business organizations provide advice to small business owners looking to expand or establish new divisions during a recession.

Workshop topics include:
• Low-cost marketing strategies
• Business operations evaluations
• Financial options to getting through the rough spots
• Ongoing workshops and services available to help

Job Search Assistance:
Need help looking for a job? The San Bernardino County Workforce Development experts are here to help.

Workshops will address topics such as:
• How to write a winning resume
• Interview tips and tryouts
• Business etiquette in your job search
• Tips to searching job listings

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